Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Babysitting--a Grandparent's Delightful "Job"

I set this blog up because I wanted to be able to post for family and friends WHILE I am traveling, and not wait until I get home in case some thief is waiting to rob my house when I'm gone. But it came with a link to my Google Profile. So much for anonymity. Now I am home and finally have time to figure out how to disconnect my Google Profile. Yay! In the future I will try again. Here's my unposted blog on our weekend in Disney. (Brief because I didn't have my own computer either. Next time…) 
We're in Florida! Given the 
cold weather at home, it feels great.

We went to babysit. After all
 that's what grandparents are for!
Mom ran the Dopey at Disney (5k, 10k, half, and
full marathons on successive days).
Trainer Dad ran the marathon along side Mom
and kept her going when she flagged.
Simeon ran his first 100m kid run and loved it.
It was a fun weekend of good food, and hanging out with loved ones. One of the best parts was seeing Simeon so soon after Christmas so that we weren't strangers. He took immediately to Grandpa. (Of course!) It was hard to say goodby.