Sunday, May 14, 2017

Byeonsanbando National Park

Late morning we took off across a causeway south of Gunsan, listening to worship music and marvelling at what God has created.

A new road leaves the causeway half way across. Last time they were here, it wasn't yet open, so this time Dan wanted to explore the islands that it connects. The only trouble was that on a gorgeous Sunday everyone and his cousin wanted to explore the new road connecting the islands. Korea has a lot of everyones and cousins, and Koreans are big enthusiasts for nature. We got mired in traffic (including multiple tour buses), and it took maybe half an hour to get turned around. I'm not sure we got off the first island.

After another strip of causeway and a drive through mountains, we ended up at Byeonsanbando National Park.

Admission was free, but Simeon thought he would collect tickets.

Like so many areas of natural beauty, there was a buddhist temple.

Simeon thought it was beautiful, and Erika spent some time explaining why we don't worship in the same way.

The trail included this romantic overlook where everyone and his cousin stopped for pictures.

This one was taken by the fifth member of our party.

This buddy photographer gets pointers from his father on the big camera.

 After another good climb (73 flights for the day), our destination was Jikso Falls.

This picture was taken just before Dan and Simeon decided to go for a swim. Simeon slipped; Dan tried to save him; Simeon pulled Daddy in with him. We tried to make up other stories about how Dan tried to throw Simeon in, but then Simeon threw him in, but Simeon thought we needed to stick with the truth. Sorry my camera wasn't pointed in the right direction. Fortunately, Dan's camera did not get wet.

Tomorrow we are off to China for 10 days. Given China's dislike of Google, it is quite likely that I won't be able to post until I get back, but I will be journalling along the way.

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