Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gunsan (or Kunsan)

Erika wanted to get out of town for Mother’s Day. Last time she supposedly had a week off from worship team but was in town, she got roped into keyboard, which meant even if she didn’t have to plan, she had to rehearse. So Saturday we took off for Gunsan on the west coast. We stayed cheap (but nice) at the base. It was a dreary, pollution-filled day, so the fabulous scenery (lots of tunnels!) on the four-hour trip was muted, but still interesting. We arrived late afternoon and Dan (who could have a second career as vacation planner) found a couple parks. This one had a walk around a lake.

In the background you can see the pedestrian bridge we walked across.

We parked at the dam and followed our ears to where we could hear traditional music. It seemed to be some sort of tenth anniversary celebration, but we didn’t figure out of what.

These girls were getting ready to perform.

We crossed a long pedestrian bridge across the middle of the reservoir. There were several pseudo romantic stops along the way with instructions to go left or right and think about [blank] and not look back, or place your hands on top of one another in the handprint on the stone and confess words of love and commitment to each other.  You get the idea.

Simeon loved following every path and at the other end…

After supper we checked out the other park along the shore of the estuary with a police boat, planes and this tank.

There were also a lot of boats stranded on mudflats with the tide out, but in the dark we never figured out if they were used or derelict. 

On the way home Simeon told a story about a little girl named Grammie. It took on tones of Hansel and Gretel (which we read this week) only Grammie left crumbs of a gluten-free breakfast bar to find her way home.

The weird part about the day was this sign posted on the second double bed in our room. There were no sheets on the bed. I will take the fifth amendment when it comes to revealing whether we used the bed or not.

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