Friday, May 12, 2017

National Museum of Korea

Steve arrived on Tuesday to enthusiastic shouts of "Grandpa!" from Simeon. We have enjoyed a few quiet days of getting registered on base, playground, tickling and unjetlagging.

Today was another dull, overcast day with high level pollution. Not a day to spend outside, so Steve and I went to the (free!) National Museum while Simeon was at school. This is the museum that backs up onto the base.
This picture was taken on an earlier visit when the sky was not so gray.
We got separated a couple times and had to use text messages of find each other in this large atrium.

The museum focuses on Korean art and artifacts. I wished I knew more Korean history than the mid-twentieth c war, but it was still interesting. One thing I did learn was that Japan invaded in 1904, not in the 1930s as I assumed.

Labels were mostly in Korean so I can't tell you more about this dragon head.

The Buddhist art exhibit made me spend a few minutes in prayer for adherents.

This pottery looked an awful lot like the stuff I saw on the pottery tour. If I lived here, I would definitely want something larger than my little serving bowls.

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