Monday, May 29, 2017

Garden of Morning Calm

After yesterday's climb we needed to use muscles today, but not TOO much. Dan was off for Memorial Day so we drove an hour and a half through the mountains to an area near Namyangjusi where Erika had heard good things about the Garden of Morning Calm. It was a lot more hazy today than yesterday, but still beautiful. (I'm sure the fact that it was afternoon instead of morning explains why Simeon and the school children we saw playing in the dry streambed could not be described as "calm.")

The guidebook said to allow an hour. We spent three. Lots of paths to explore. Lots of stairs as well, so it's not exactly stroller friendly, but Simeon was eager to scamper. Dan and Erika brought a walkie-talkie which allows him to feel cool going ahead on his own and be told via radio, "Okay. That's enough. Wait for us."

Dan and I were both taking pictures so Simeon decided he would too. At one point he positioned us on some stairs and took a photo of the four of us.

Lots of wonderful spots for naps or picnics, but Simeon thought they were good places to fly toy airplanes.

With all the flowers, there was always a mountain view if you raised your eyes.

And of course this is Asia.

This water feature (with its overlooking tea shop) was at the end of the furthest path.

The garden is worth multiple visits at different times of year. I would love to see it in the snow with Christmas lights.

Addendum: Hmm. I guess Dan and Erika will not be returning to Garden of Morning Calm on a regular basis. On our way home Simeon began sneezing. By the time we were home he was coughing. Mom noticed the back of his neck was red and was lamenting that she hadn't put sunscreen there--until she realized it was hives. All over his trunk. A bath and benedril helped, but he woke in the night needing more, and the hives are back this morning. Probably the pine nuts grown in the area even though he didn't eat any. We are washing all our clothes and heading for the doctor.

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