Monday, May 8, 2017

Would You Eat from Your Toilet Bowl?

Koreans, like Africans, are less inhibited about bodily functions than most Americans. Today while Simeon was in class, Erika and I and a friend from her PWOC praise team went shopping in an area of small gift shops. I was still looking for my pottery bowls. Shannon was looking for a birthday gift for her husband. Erika was along for the ride--until she noticed the snack shop with chocolate-filled poop-shaped pastries.

The place was on the ground floor of a building full of small shops. We wandered up in a spiral, visiting shops along the way until on the roof we found...The Poop Cafe.

Erika had heard about this place and knew it was somewhere in the area, but not exactly where. The decorating was, shall we say, "creative." (Note the fake flies on the giant mound of poop.)

And this squatty potty turned into a planter.

And then there were the serving plates...

Erika ordered beef and tomato fried rice. Shannon (seen here trying hard not to laugh) had the cheese fried rice. I decided to give it a miss. It was the ambience, not the food, that drew people (like flies) to the place.

Erika was halfway through her latte when it occurred to her to wonder if that was a heart in her drink or a pair of butt cheeks.

I didn't eat, but I didn't miss out on posing for pictures with the "creative" cushions and "hat." I had spent the morning babysitting the kids while the moms practiced, but honestly, the only poopy one was changed by his mom.

Erika tells me there is a toilet museum she would like to explore one of these days.

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  1. bahahahahaha! Thank you for joining me for the unique trip!