Friday, May 19, 2017

Dinner at the Shaanxi Opera

This evening we attended a dinner theater at the Shaanxi Opera House. The theater was packed with mainly Westerners. Our table was in the balcony.

We had the option of eating during the show or after. We chose during. It felt like a royal banquet with the musicians and entertainers. There was a hot fruity wine to start. Then a chicken broth with a few mushrooms and baby dumplings, followed by a dumpling banquet--everything on this menu.

They brought a few at a time to our table to eat warm. The only negative of eating during the show was that with the lights out we couldn't appreciate the distinct beautiful shapes. 

These condiments were on our table. We could identify the cucumber in the upper right hand corner.

The show was traditional Tang dynasty music, marvelously played, especially a piece that was all drums and cymbals hit in different ways to make different sounds.
I kept thinking how much granddaughter Bella would have loved the costumes, the soft colors, the gauziness, the flowing fabrics. This dance involved long flowing sleeves, flipped around like ribbon gymnastics. Of course, we enjoyed it too. Wonderful experience!


  1. You are right, Bella does like it!

  2. I found a video on YouTube that shows some of the highlights. It's kind of long, but you can slide along to sample.