Friday, May 26, 2017

Sangil Chukahamnida (Birthday Congratulations)

We returned to South Korea in time for Simeon’s birthday yesterday. He woke up giggling with excitement. "I'm five now!"

At preschool he was greeted by his teachers with a song and bubbles. Actually, I think all the kids got bubbles since it was the last day of school, but Simeon certainly felt cool.

Mom came back later to read Simeon's favorite story, The Book with No Pictures, to the combined classes at their end of the year ice cream party. It is a very silly book and Erika really gets into it. The kids loved it.

I think Simeon's favorite birthday gift was a set of water guns to play with Daddy.

Daddy had also told him that the training wheels would come off when he was five. He is still a little apprehensive, but with his new helmet and Lightning McQueen knee and elbow pads he is well prepared.

Today we had his birthday party at the fire station. It's Memorial Day weekend, so a lot of the kids are away. They got to climb on the firetrucks and have their pictures taken. One of the firemen showed them all his equipment as he got dressed to fight a fire, and the kids watched a fire safety cartoon video while they ate pizza and cake and ice cream.

The other day when Erika and Simeon were in the commissary, Simeon wanted to buy a cake for his party, but his mom reminded him that he wouldn't be able to eat a cake made of wheat.

"That's okay," said Simeon. "The other kids can eat it, and I'll just have ice cream."

We find that sad, but to him it's just life. Erika made a gluten free/egg free cake for him although Simeon ate very little of it. Gluten free baked goods usually contain xanthem gum, which is isn't officially allergic to but almost invariably detects and turns down. One of the dad's has a serious gluten allergy, so he enjoyed the gluten free cake. We sang "Happy Birthday" in English and Korean. "Sangil Chukahamnida!"

I think Simeon will sleep well tonight after all the  excitement.

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